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University Contacts


Budget Office

Kathy Collins
POSITION:  Vice President for Finance
CONTACT:  425 Allen Center  |  713-348-5147  |  e-mail


Gerilyn Gordon
POSITION:  Assistant to the Vice President for Finance
CONTACT:  425 Allen Center  |  713-348-4193  |  e-mail


Dean of Undergraduates

John Hutchinson
POSITION:  Dean of Undergraduates, Professor of Chemistry
CONTACT:  101 Lovett Hall  |  713-348-4996  |  e-mail


Matt Taylor
POSITION:  Associate Dean of Undergrads, Associate Provost, Adjunct Associate Professor, Humanities
CONTACT:  430D Allen Center  |  713-348-2155  |  e-mail


Disability Support Services

Alan Russell
POSITION:  Director of Disability Support Services
CONTACT:  111 Allen Center  |  713-348-5841  |  e-mail


Environmental Health and Safety

Kathryn Cavender
POSITION:  Director of Environmental Health and Safety
CONTACT:  103 Space Science and Tech Bldg  |  713-348-8800  |  e-mail


Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action

Russell Barnes
POSITION:  Director of Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action
CONTACT:  205 Allen Center  |  713-348-4350  |  e-mail


General Counsel

Richard Zansitis
POSITION:  Vice President and General Counsel
CONTACT:  360 Allen Center  |  713-348-5237  |  e-mail


Human Resources

Mary Cronin
POSITION:  Associate Vice President for Human Resources
CONTACT:  2600 Memorial Hermann Medical Plaza  |  713-348-4070  |  e-mail


Sue Prochazka
POSITION:  Director of Benefits
CONTACT:  2600 Memorial Hermann Medical Plaza  |  713-348-4663  |  e-mail


Rebecca Gould
POSITION:  Director of Employee Relations
CONTACT:  2600 Memorial Hermann Medical Plaza  |  713-348-4755  |  e-mail


Marie Wehrung
POSITION:  Director, Leaning and Professional Development
CONTACT:  360 IBC Building  |  713-348-6003  |  e-mail


Office of Faculty Development

Louma Ghandour
POSITION:  Director of the Office of Faculty Development
CONTACT:  330D Allen Center  |  713-348-5706  |  e-mail


Julia Amborski
POSITION:  Office Manager
CONTACT:  330 Allen Center  |  713-348-5870  |  e-mail


Office of International Students and Scholars

Adria Baker
POSITION:  Executive Director, Associate Vice Provost for International Education
CONTACT:  201A Lovett Hall  |  713-348-6095  |  e-mail


Provost's Office

Marie Lynn Miranda
POSITION:  Howard R. Hughes Provost, Professor of Statistics, Director, Children's Environmental Health Initiative
CONTACT:  430 Allen Center  |  713-348-4026  |  e-mail


Jana Callan
POSITION:  Chief of Staff
CONTACT:  430 Allen Center  |  713-348-2442  |  e-mail


Gloria Carrera
POSITION:  Executive Assistant to the Provost, Department Coordinator
CONTACT:  430 Allen Center  |  713-348-2951  |  e-mail


Colleen Morimoto
POSITION:  Executive Director, Provost's Office
CONTACT:  430 Allen Center  |  713-348-8202  |  e-mail


Research and Cost Accounting

Terry Whitt
POSITION:  Accounting Manager
CONTACT:  2640 Memorial Hermann Medical Plaza  |  713-348-4794  |  e-mail


Sponsored Projects and Research Compliance

Krystal Toups
POSITION:  Assistant VIce Provost for Sponsored Projects & Reserach Compliance
CONTACT:  350 Allen Center  |  713-348-6200  |  e-mail


Vice Provost for Academic Affairs

C. Fred Higgs, III
POSITION:  Interim Vice Provost for Academic Affairs, John and Ann Doerr Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Professor, Bioengineering, Director, RCEL
CONTACT:  430C Allen Center  |  713-348-4993  |  e-mail


Arnaud Chevallier
POSITION:  Associate Vice Provost, Academic Affairs, Adjunct Lecturer, Engineering
CONTACT:  330C Allen Center  |  713-348-4025  |  e-mail


Celeste Boudreaux
POSITION:  Assistant Vice Provost for Academic Affairs
CONTACT:  330 Allen Center  |  713-348-4125  |  e-mail


Vice Provost for Research

Yousiff Shamoo
POSITION:  Vice Provost for Research, Professor of Biosciences
CONTACT:  332 Keck Hall  |  713-348-5493  |  e-mail